Interesting but a bit perplexing in that its products were expressly declaimed as non-final designs without prices, Ezio used its 2013 CES booth to show off its concepts for a Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Jewelry Collection —necklaces and wristbands with jewelry-like implementations. The pitch: one of these can be worn on your body, providing alerts for a wirelessly-connected iPhone’s incoming calls, messages, and anti-theft purposes. Ezio also mentioned Icestud, a “plug-in earphone jewel” to add a Swarovski crystal-topped peg to the headphone port of an iPhone.

Ezio’s non-final pendant-style designs suggest that Bluetooth-shared alerts from your iPhone will appear behind or on the edges of jewel-like displays.

Icestuds: the black and crystal headphone port filler sits safely inside a clear capsule that can be worn or carried around.

Ezio’s booth at the 2013 CES.

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