Griffin unveiled its new Merchant Case + Square Reader ($20) for iPhone 5/5s. The new case is custom-molded to secure a Square Reader to the device. Griffin also updated two other pieces of hardware: the StudioConnect recording interface has evolved to become StudioConnect HD ($200), and PowerMate for the Mac has been updated to the PowerMate Bluetooth ($60) controller dial.

Griffin’s Merchant case for Square Reader ($20) is currently available for preorder and shipping in two to three weeks. The case secures a Square Reader to an iPhone 5 or 5s and includes a groove in the bottom to allow a credit card to slide through easily.

The StudioConnect HD ($200) recording interface has two combo XLR 1/4″ inputs, phantom power, and adds USB MIDI in and out inputs. Now compatible with Lightning and Dock Connector iPads, it will be available in the fall.

Griffin’s PowerMate Bluetooth ($60) for Mac is an updated wireless version of the company’s prior PowerMate knob controller. The customizable controller is expected in Summer 2014.

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