HMDX + Jam

HMDX (also known as Homedics) and its Jam brand have a large collection of affordable new speaker and headphone accessories, including one of the least expensive Bluetooth earphones we’ve ever seen.

Jam Rewind ($100) is the company’s Jambox competitor, shaped like an old-fashioned cassette tape and packaged in a clear cassette tape container.

HMDX + Jam
Jam Storm ($100) is a small Bluetooth speaker with a serious bass driver inside, capable of churning out deliberately distorted low-end with a button press. It was demonstrated using a tabletop surface that vibrated gemstones as the bass rumbled.

HMDX + Jam
Jam Street ($100) is an oval-shaped Bluetooth speaker with four drivers in a 360-degree sound array, using a built-in clip to attach to a bag.

HMDX + Jam
HDMX’s Craze ($30) is the least expensive pair of Bluetooth headphones we’ve seen, sold in several colors with a four-hour battery.

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