As one might expect, iBattz is showing a number of battery options at CES. The Mobile Battstation Optimus ($130) offers a massive 20400 mAh capacity. The company has introduced waterproof battery packs — the Battstation Aqua ($70-80). And the Refuel Alpha Battery Case ($150) is a rugged waterproof battery case.

iBattz is showing the Mobile Battstation Optimus ($130), a 20400 mAh battery pack. It includes a 1A and 2.1A output.

The Battstation Aqua is a waterproof power bank that comes in 7000 mAh ($70) and 9000 mAh ($80) capacities. It should be released in March.

The Refuel Alpha Battery Case ($150) is a rugged 2200 mAh capacity waterproof battery case.

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