iHealth (Updated)

iHealth shifted its focus this year to wearable Bluetooth LE devices, with a new Electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor, blood pressure monitor, and blood pulse oximeter, all designed for continuous wear and monitoring. A companion iOS app allows the numbers to be tracked and analyzed, and provides contextual feedback to appeal to both users curious about their health as well as those who may need to record this information based on a doctor’s recommendation.

The new iHealth ECG monitor is designed for continuous wear to allow users to track and record ECG information throughout their normal daily routine using a companion iOS app and a Bluetooth Low Energy connection.

iHealth (Updated)
iHealth has also expanded on its earlier wireless blood pressure wrist monitors with a new wearable Bluetooth LE version designed for continuous twenty-four hour monitoring at regular intervals. The device can store up to 200 readings on-board or transfer them to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

iHealth (Updated)
iHealth’s Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker combines a pedometer for tracking steps, distance, and caloric burn, along with the ability to track sleep hours and efficiency. The wristband includes vibrating silent alarms, supports interchangeable wristbands and uses Bluetooth low-energy technology to transfer data to an iOS device.

iHealth (Updated)
The iBaby M2 is a baby monitoring accessory for iOS devices that can use motion to determine when to activate the camera and notify the user via their connected iOS device. Two-way audio communication is also supported and the device can be setup for multiple users, allowing mom, dad, grandpa and grandma to all keep an eye on baby.

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