iLounge Pavilion Pre-Show Setup Photos, LVH

Larger than ever before, the iLounge Pavilion at the 2014 CES is currently being set up in preparation for next Tuesday’s official opening. While new products will be the real stars of the show when it opens Tuesday morning, it’s fun to see various companies’ backdrops as they come together. These shots show off just tiny bits of the iLounge Pavilion’s secondary space in the LVH—an area loaded this year with smaller booths and a lot of overseas vendors. Construction in this area is still very early, so there’s not a lot to see, but we’ll have much more to share over the next several days.

Most of the Apple vendors within the LVH area share common walls, with tables and display cases yet to be assembled and loaded up with new accessories.

iLounge Pavilion Pre-Show Setup Photos, LVH
Jill-E Designs, a maker of nice laptop bags, already has a nicely designed small booth largely complete within the LVH.

iLounge Pavilion Pre-Show Setup Photos, LVH
Many of the exhibitors within the LVH will be smaller Chinese companies showing off cases, battery packs, and compact audio accessories. Developers with really great products will stand out here.

iLounge Pavilion Pre-Show Setup Photos, LVH
The LVH portion of the Pavilion is comprised of large ballrooms that have been opened up to accommodate as many companies as possible. Last year, the energy and noise levels in LVH was very different from the North Hall.

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