iPro Lens

iPro Lens was displaying its lens system for the iPhone and iPad. Available in separate versions for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5s, iPad mini, and iPad Air, the system uses a case or clip with a barrel mount for the lens extender and a standard threaded mount that can be used for the included handle or a tripod. The Starter Kit is priced at $50 and includes the case/clip and handle, allowing users to add their own lenses as required at prices ranging from $40 to $100 per lens.

A $230 Trio Kit is also available that includes the case and handle plus the 2X Tele, Super Wide, and Macro lenses. The handle also doubles as storage for the lenses.

iPro Lens

Five different lenses are available: Wide Angle ($85), Super Wide ($75), Fisheye ($90), 2X Tele ($100), and Macro ($40).

The 35mm equivalent focal lengths are from 12-19mm for the wide angle lenses and 60mm for the 2X Tele, while the macro provides 2.5X magnification.

iPro Lens
The handle acts as storage for the individual lenses. The Starter Kit includes only a short handle stub, while each lens comes with an additional handle segment.