We’re used to seeing accessories from Mobee that pair with its Magic Feet and other wireless charging pads, and it delivered at the 2014 CES. Surprisingly, it also unveiled a line of iMac and Thunderbolt Display stands.

Available in in 1500mAh ($80) and 2100mAh ($120) capacities, Magic Case is a battery case that can receive power through both USB and conductive pads.

Magic Cable ($20) is a sturdy, flat cable, measuring in at one meter. The aluminum finish is a nice touch on a cable that costs the same as Apple’s.

Released as the first entries in the i-Vesa family, Mobee showed off three iStand products. The standard iStand ($747+) is a metal pole that can hold one 27″ iMac or Thunderbolt Display. iStand Duo ($896+) holds two, one on top of the other, and iStand Pro ($1,097+) puts them side-by-side. All three are available in desk and floor options.

i-Vesa MacMini Mount ($199) can attach to any of these poles, and holds Apple’s headless computer.

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