Native Union

Native Union is taking on a jack of all trades personality, with accessories fitting into many different categories. New this year are a pair of charging cables with unique features. The company is also showing off some already-announced products, including a speaker and another connector.

Jump by Native Union ($50) might look like a standard Lightning cable, but inside the cable wrap is a small battery, which will provide a 30% charge. The idea is that you’ll use it to charge, and then take it with you for extra power on the go.

Native Union
Night (~$50) is also a Lightning cable, although it doesn’t have a battery inside. Instead, the three-meter long, cloth-covered cord has a large, weighted, sliding knot. This holds it in place on a table or desk.

Native Union
A relatively new speaker, Monocle ($50-$60) is portable, and has some neat features. It can be used as a speakerphone, or an earpiece, and can be daisy-chained with up to nine other units for expanded sound.

Native Union
Power Link is a stylized Lightning cable, with a real leather pouch, and a metal clip, and a knot hanging off it.

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