Nyne is an audio company that debuted four new speakers at CES 2014. The company is also showing its floating Aqua speaker, which we learned about prior to the show.

Bass is the biggest new NYNE speaker — it’s a wireless Bluetooth 4.0 speaker with 20 watts of power. It features a hidden handle for carrying and a rugged design for outdoor use. It boasts 10 hours of playtime from its rechargeable battery.

TT is slightly smaller and more elongated than Bass. It uses 17 watts of power and has similar Bluetooth 4.0 and rechargeable battery capability. TT also comes with a shoulder strap for increased portability.

Cruiser looks like a smaller version of Bass. It also uses a 10-hour rechargeable battery and Bluetooth 4.0. Adjustable handlebar mounting clips are included to use Cruiser as a bike speaker. Not pictured is Mini, the smallest new NYNE speaker, which uses Bluetooth 2.1.

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