Lens maker Olloclip is showing their 4-in-One Photo Lens for iPad ($70). It should be released in late February or early March. Olloclip was also showing a dazzling gold version of its 4-in-One Photo Lens, which we reviewed in late October. The company also has additional options for its iPhone 5s cases.



The new 4-in-One Photo Lens for iPad ($70) is expected to debut in late February or early March. Like the current 4-in-One lens for iPhone, fisheye, wide-angle, 15x macro and 10x macro lenses are included.

The larger screens of the iPad Air or iPad mini provide a nice viewing area when using Olloclip’s effects.

Olloclip’s 4-in-One Photo Lens now comes in gold.

The gold 4-in-One is a great match with the gold iPhone 5s.

Olloclip’s Quick-Flip Case ($50) now comes in clear or white, better options for the gold and silver iPhones.

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