Orbotix unveiled the newest addition to the Sphero family, Sphero 2B ($100). Sphero 2B, unlike the other versions of Sphero, is not a ball — rather, it’s a small two-wheeled toy vehicle. It’s billed to be twice as fast as Sphero 2.0 — moving up to 14 feet per second — with a smaller price tag.

It’s expected to be released in Fall 2014.


Sphero 2B is a small two-wheeled vehicle from Orbotix that can turn 360 degrees. The vehicle is controlled by an iOS app using Bluetooth LE.

As with past versions of Sphero, Orbotix claims the new toy will feature games, but with a greater emphasis on multiplayer games. Sphero 2B will feature interchangeable wheels, tires, and hubcaps.