As always, Philips arrived at Digital Experience with a bunch of new speakers to show off, as well as a new pair of video monitor cameras updated from an earlier model. A DJ station was also being demonstrated.

The BR1-X ($80) Bluetooth speaker is designed to look and feel ruggedized, featuring two big front-facing drivers, a rubber-coated chassis, and an integrated handstrap.

DOT ($60) is a rubberized, splashproof speaker with a large 3″ driver in the center, capable of producing loud sound that can be instantly silenced by turning the speaker face-down. Three colors are available.

Fidelio E5 ($700) is a gigantic pair of felt-coated speakers with a subwoofer, capable of operating in wired or Bluetooth modes. The tops of the speakers detach to become portable if you want to do so, splitting one driver away from the three total allocated for each left and right channel speaker. A less expensive model called E2 ($300) is smaller.

M120 ($150) and B120 ($160) are two new video monitoring cameras, the former featuring HD video streaming with app-based monitoring across multiple cameras, and the latter adding baby monitor features such as temperature and humidity sensors.

MIX-DJ is Philips’ DJ mixing and speaker system, featuring a detachable top iPad platform for the mixing table and a large, transportable speaker box.

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