Sanho (Hyper)

Hyper by Sanho is showing its new HyperJuice Expand collection, a family of battery packs. The packs use a headpiece ($20) and are available in four different capacities ranging from 3000 mAh to 12000 mAh ($20-80). HyperJuice Expand’s colors match the iPhone 5c. The company is also showing its iUSBportCamera 2 ($300), a camera add-on that turns an iOS device into a remote control and DSLR viewer.


The HyperJuice Expand collection of battery packs starts with a white headpiece for $20 which includes two 12W charging USB ports, one 5W charging USB port, and a 10W micro USB input. The three USB ports can use 18W at a time. A five-stage LED battery level indicator and LED flashlight.

Sanho (Hyper)
HyperJuice Expand’s headpiece will magnetically link to one of four capacity battery packs — 3000 mAh ($20), 6000 mAh ($40), 9000 mAh ($60), and 12000 mAh ($80). Each capacity comes in one of five colors: white, green, blue, pink, and yellow, to match the colors of the iPhone 5c.

Sanho (Hyper)
iUSBportCamera 2 ($300) is a sequel to the company’s iUSBportCamera. It’s a DSLR camera accessory that turns an iOS device into a remote control and viewer for the camera. iUSBportCamera 2 is faster than the first, with longer battery life — up to 12 hours — as well.

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