Supertooth (Updated)

In addition to showing the older Bluetooth speaker system Disco 2—and a rebranded Acoustic Research (AR) version called Salsa—headphone and speaker company Supertooth was showing Disco 4 ($100), a megaphone-shaped Bluetooth speaker with a built-in carrying handle. The company’s CES booth also included Disco 3, a European-only release of Disco 2 that’s apparently differentiated from its predecessor using different colors.

Disco 4 was shown in a wide variety of colors; the audio quality is respectable, though the idea of a speaker you’d carry around like this is sort of iffy.

Supertooth (Updated)
The previously-covered Disco 2 is being sold in a version by AR called Salsa.

Supertooth (Updated)
According to Supertooth representatives, Disco 3 is a European-only release of Disco 2 with different colors.

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