Switcheasy, most known for its cases, is showing a number of other products at CES. Dice ($17) is a die-shaped USB charger, and Roadster ($23) is a two-port USB car charger. ER is a uniquely-shaped 2800 mAh battery. The company is also showing one new case, Canvas ($25) for iPhone 5/5s.

Dice ($17) is a 5V USB charger shaped like a die. It comes in four different colors — white, purple, red, and black.

Roadster ($23) is a 5V USB car charger with two USB ports and a soft rubber coating. It comes in black, green, yellow, red, and pink.

ER is a 2800 mAh capacity battery with an included flashlight and a cross-shaped power indicator. It includes both a micro USB and USB port.

Canvas ($25) is an iPhone 5/5s version of Switcheasy’s iPad case. A scratch-resistant matte canvas material covers the phone and also acts a stand.

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