Battery specialist uNu is showing Ultrapak ($70-$110), one of the first Apple-targeted battery packs to include a percentage meter to indicate the battery’s remaining power, as well as an ultra-rapid charging technology named Ultra-X. Additionally, uNu will show the Aero battery case and inductive charging pad we’ve recently reviewed.

Ultrapak, shown here in a 3000mAh capacity ($70), is capable of recharging its four internal battery cells simultaneously using an included wall charger. Using the Ultra-X charging system, Ultrapak fully refuels in approximately 30 minutes — miraculously fast by battery standards — and can put out 1-Amp of power for iPhone or iPod use. A 2.1-Amp version with 10000mAh capacity ($110) will be larger, but with the same aesthetics. Each has a nice built-in screen that redundantly shows a remaining power percentage alongside a 5-bar battery icon; when plugged in, it shows how much time remains until the battery is full.

Ultrapak includes one outbound USB port and a flashlight.

Our review of Aero found uNu’s battery case and inductive charging solution to be a great value for the $100 price, delivering a nice case design and 2000mAh of spare power alongside a very convenient recharging station.

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