Withings is showing the Aura ($300), an “active smart sleep system.” Using a sleep sensor that slips under a mattress, Aura interacts with a bedside device to offer insight into sleeping patterns. An iOS app allows users to access the data. The company also showed its Withings Blood Pressure Monitor ($80), an iOS-compatible blood pressure arm monitor.



Aura ($300) is a sleep system that enables users to put a sensor under their mattress. That sensor interacts with a multi-color LED bedside device, which screens the bedroom environment — including noise pollution, room temperature, and light levels. Meanwhile, the sleep sensor monitors body movements, breathing cycles, and heart rate. Sound programs allow users to relax while falling asleep. All of the data is stored and can be accessed using the Withings Aura mobile app. Aura will be available in spring 2014.

The Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor ($80) fits over the upper arm and lets users monitor their own blood pressure readings. The monitor saves and displays results for tracking. A history of the readings is stored within an app, and always backed up. Measurements can even be sent to a doctor.

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