How do I get Contacts from Palm Desktop’s Address Book onto my iPod?

For Windows, try Sappenin’s PalmPodsoftware  to export your Palm Desktops’ calendar, todo’s, contacts, and memos onto your iPod.

For Mac OS X, try the following:

In Palm Desktop’s Address Book, highlight all of your contacts (or, just the ones you want to copy to your iPod). Select the “File” main menu option, then “Export vCard…”. Choose the “Contacts” folder on your iPod to store the exported vCard file in (or a folder elsewhere if your iPod is not attached to the computer you are using), and enter a name for the *.vcf file.  Finally, if you did not export the *.vcf file directly to your iPod’s Contacts folder, copy the *.vcf file there (note: FireWire mode has to be enabled in iPod Preferences in iTunes before you can manually copy files to your iPod).

Also, please note that starting with iPod firmware version 1.2, there can no longer be blank lines between each vCard in the *.vcf file.  If there are, only the first contact will be displayed.  You will need to delete the blank lines that Palm Desktop puts between each vCard if you are running firmware 1.2 (this was not an issue with firmware 1.1).

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