I’m trying to use EphPod.  When I start it up I receive an error message: “Cannot Create iPod_control”

This is a simple fix, follow the steps below to resolve:

  1. Open up the iPod Drive in My Computer
  2. In there you will see a hidden folder called “iPod_control”.  If you don’t see it, that’s because it’s hidden.  Enable Viewing of Hidden files by clicking on Tools>Folder Options.  On the “View” tab is where you can change this setting
  3. Delete the “iPod_control”.  Note: This will delete any music you have on your iPod but is necessary to start using Ephpod
  4. Start up Ephpod again.  You will be prompted to create the “iPod_control” directory.  This time Ephpod will be able to create it.

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