What do the iPod shuffle’s lights mean?


Your iPod shuffle has two LED lights on its front side – one orange and one green – that indicate what it is doing.  On the rear of the shuffle, there is another set of colored indicators for battery life.  Here’s a quick guide to interpreting them both (a reference card is also provided in your box):

Front Light

  • Flashing Orange:  Connected and mounted.  Do not Disconnect.
  • Solid Orange:  Charging / Not mounted.  Ok to Disconnect.
  • Flashing Green:  Paused.
  • Solid Green:  Fully Charged.
  • Flashing Green/Orange:  No music or some other problem:  Load music, cycle the iPod on and off, or restore your iPod.
  • Solid Green on button press:  Normal operation… a simple indicator.
  • Solid Orange on button press:  Hold is active.  Deactivate it by holding Play/Pause.
    Rear Light  (Active only when button has been pressed)
    • Green:  Good Charge
    • Yellow:  Low Charge
    • Red:  Very Low Charge
    • No light:  No Charge


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