What is AppleCare for the iPod, and what does it get me?


AppleCare is Apple’s extended warranty for the iPod.

The iPod—alone—comes with 90 days of telephone support (one complimentary call in this period), and a full year of hardware warranty.  For $59, AppleCare extends both of these support services to a full two years.  AppleCare covers hardware failure of your iPod and any additional accessories that were included in the box, and offers a battery replacement should your battery life decrease by 50% in the 2 years that AppleCare is effective.

It is important to mention AppleCare can be purchased anytime in the first year of owning your iPod—you don’t have to purchase it with the iPod itself.  However, the previously-mentioned 2-year term still begins on the original iPod purchase date.

AppleCare is a global warranty, and can be transferred to another owner should you sell your iPod, as it’s directly tied to the iPod’s serial number rather than your name.

Note:  Residents of Florida, USA cannot purchase AppleCare.

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