Armpocket’s sport armbands for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the Racer ($30) and Mega i-40 ($50), respectively. Racer is a thin, lightweight armband which can house an iPhone 6, along with cards and a key. The larger Mega i-40 has a zipper enclosure — it’s also got space inside for cards and a key.
Racer fits phones “up to 5.5” in length,” but it fits the iPhone 6 quite well, allowing for easy use of the phone through the band’s touch window. We can’t say the same for Mega i-40. The larger armband is made for devices up to 6.5”, and the band’s compartment doesn’t fit the iPhone 6 Plus as snugly as Racer does for the iPhone 6, making use of the bulky armband awkward. Racer is a solid sport armband at a good price, but we’d suggest iPhone 6 Plus users pass on Mega i-40.