BeON Home has released a new key fob accessory for controlling its Home Protection System that we looked at late last year — a set of three Bluetooth LED smart bulbs designed for home security and protection that goes a bit beyond simple lighting applications. The BeONhome Key Fob uses Bluetooth Smart technology to allow you to easily set your BeON Home lighting to “Away” and “Home” modes with a single button press, rather than having to reach for your iPhone app, basically letting you enable your security lighting schedule when you leave your home and return to normal when you arrive. A single long press of the “Home” button can also be used to turn on all of your lights at once.
You’ll still need the BeON Home iOS app to pair the key fob with your lighting system, as well as to configure your security lighting schedules and other related features. But once you’ve got that set up, the key fob can be attached to your key chain and you may never need to open the iOS app again. Obviously BeON Home’s system is nowhere near as sophisticated or feature-rich as something like Philips Hue, but if you’re investing in it more for the home security aspects — the bulbs do provide their own battery power and smoke alarm detection, after all — the key fob can be a handy addition to your BeON Home setup.