Summer is here, which means more outdoor activities, more workouts, and a need for more creative ways to carry around your iPhone. If you’ve got an active lifestyle. BodyGuardz new Trainr Pro might be just what you’re looking for — unlike many armband solutions for the iPhone, Trainr Pro features a durable protective iPhone case that snaps into an armband, meaning you can not only easily unsnap the iPhone from your arm for normal use, but you don’t need to worry about it being unprotected while you do so.
The case is made from lightweight spot-grip materials while still providing high impact protection against bumps and drops, courtesy of Unequal’s pro-athlete technology, and looks and feels quite nice as a standalone case by itself, with a comfortable grip on the edges and a translucent polycarbonate back that lets your iPhone color show through. The case is worth a look even if you think you’ll only want to use the armband occasionally — in fact BodyGuardz also sells the case by itself for $40 — however we feel the armband is the especially useful feature here, with the case clipping securely into the armband so you can keep it handy for running, hiking, working out at the gym, or any other outdoor activities where you simply aren’t dressed in pocketable attire. The armband is also highly reflective so it will help you stay visible when running at night, dusk, or dawn.