Booq’s made many of our favorite bags over the years — durable, attractive bags with a lot of storage space — but the company’s packs haven’t always fit into the price range of many customers. Booq’s new Daypack ($80) is the company’s most affordable backpack yet. Daypack has a surprising amount of space, and will fit any MacBook size. The cotton canvas exterior is water-repellent, and polyester lines the inside. We received the white “cream-dream” color option, but there are also gray, navy, and tan “clay” versions of Daypack, all with their own unique inner lining colors.
Outside of common features like a dedicated laptop pocket and adjustable shoulder straps, Daypack has soft back padding, and side pockets that can expand to hold an umbrella or water bottle. There’s a front pocket for quick access, an open mesh compartment inside for cables, and a surprisingly deep extra zippered pocket, in addition to the typical storage space. As usual, Daypack works with Booq’s Terralinq service, which may make it easier to find a lost bag. If you like Booq’s design and the variety of colors offered here — and we do — Booq’s Daypack should be one of the first options considered for anyone looking for a sub-$100 backpack.