CableJive’s new PowerPortz Car Charger ($20) offers four USB ports for charging devices while on the go. Like Belkin’s Road RockStar, PowerPortz offers two charging ports within its front seat section, and two ports on a hub at the end of a 6’ cord. CableJive’s offering, however, is half the price of Belkin’s, and it boasts more power, as well — all four ports on PowerPortz can provide 2.4A of power for a total of 9.6A.
PowerPortz plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter, which is where the first two USB ports are found. The attached hub can reach to the backseat in standard cars or SUVs with ease — those riding in the third row of a larger seat may have issues, but keep in mind the charging cables you provide will increase the total length. (No extra charging cables come with PowerPortz.) A detachable clip allows PowerPortz to stay stationed on any seat-back pockets.