CaseCrown’s SlimPower Wallet ($30-$35) is a small, simple wallet, with room for cards and cash. But SlimPower wouldn’t be in our Gear section if it were just a wallet — a 2500mAh battery is tucked inside. The battery features a built-in micro-USB cable and Lightning adapter for charging, and also comes with a separate micro-USB cable for recharging the battery itself. SlimPower Wallet comes in genuine black leather for $35, with brown or navy synthetic leather and gray canvas options selling for $30.
SlimPower Wallet comfortably fits three credit cards in its slots, and cash or additional cards can be held using the simple elastic strap on the back of the wallet. A few more elastic straps keep the wallet together — and the battery in the center. The battery can be removed, however, if need be. The built-in micro-USB cable can be inserted into a small removable Lightning adapter, which is hidden away under the built-in cable. The micro-USB charging port is on the side of the battery, and it’s accessible without removing the battery. Minimalist wallets have been quite popular in recent years, and SlimPower Wallet’s battery may give some prospective users a good enough reason to take a close look at CaseCrown’s offering.