Griffin’s new LightRunner ($40) adds LEDs to an armband for safer running. Users can select between three light patterns, or turn off the lights all together while the band is in use. The armband fits “small to medium smartphones” — according to the box, this includes the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5. LightRunner adjusts to 18” in circumference.
LightRunner is comfortable and stylish, and it fits an iPhone 6 perfectly. The plastic cover allows for proper screen operation, with a small hole cut into the plastic for Touch ID access. While the red LEDs aren’t large or blinding, they’re bright enough to make a runner more visible in the dark, and the option of switching between three different patterns — continuous, repeating, or a quick strobing flash — is a nice touch. A coin cell battery is included, and it’s easily replaceable. Holes at the bottom of the phone compartment allow for access of the headphone and Lightning ports, as well. Griffin’s newest offering is a very nice armband — night runners should definitely take a look at LightRunner.