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Griffin’s Pencil Sleeve ($30) is a silicone sleeve for Apple Pencil. The non-slip sleeve fits snuggly around the Apple Pencil, and its triangular design prevents Pencil from rolling around. Pencil Sleeve also comes with a built-in cap, which essentially acts as a replacement for the easy-to-lose Pencil cap. Also, the sleeve’s cap has its own multi-touch compatible stylus tip on the end, adding extra functionality to Pencil. The sleeve comes in gray or clear versions.
It’s debatable as to whether or not Apple Pencil even needs a non-slip sleeve, as we’ve certainly had no trouble using the Pencil in its bare form. But if you’ve found yourself needing a little extra grip, Pencil Sleeve should do the trick. Not only that, but it offers other attributes — its triangular shape and built-in stylus cap are small, but welcome benefits. Store your actual Pencil cap some place safe, and losing it will no longer be an issue. We do have some concern about the longterm durability of the thinnest part of the silicone sleeve, to which the built-in cap is attached. If it snaps off eventually, the whole built-in stylus cap feature would be rendered mostly useless. Is all of this worth $30? Only if you’re a heavy Apple Pencil user who would prefer a different texture and grip.