Griffin Survivor Play for Siri Remote

Griffin Survivor Play for Siri Remote 2

Griffin Survivor Play for Siri Remote 3

Griffin Survivor Play for Siri Remote 4

Griffin Survivor Play for Siri Remote 5

Apple TV accessories are rare, and even with the introduction of the fourth-generation set-top box, we expect that trend will continue. Griffin, however, recently introduced Survivor Play for Siri Remote ($20), a protective cover for the new Siri Remote. A thick silicone cover, the grippy Survivor Play was “designed with gaming in mind,” as it aims to keep the $79 Siri Remote safe if if flies out of one’s hand in the middle of gaming action.
While it’s nice to see a company offer some protection for the expensive Siri Remote, after using Survivor Play for a little bit, we think the product will mostly be of interest to one particular demographic — households with little kids. The Survivor Play cover is thick and bulky, and it takes all the elegance away from the Siri Remote. To us, it also didn’t feel nearly as good in the hand, as we prefer the light, smooth Siri Remote to the chunky Survivor Play. But Apple TV users with young children — those who are likely to hide or throw the remote — may find this to be a worthwhile purchase. It’s hard to lose the svelte Siri Remote when it’s this much thicker, and there’s no doubt that Survivor Play will provide protection from bumps.

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