Just Mobile Xtand Vent

A lot of folks are turning to car sharing services these days, especially in larger cities, as it’s often a more economical — and eco-conscious — alternative to car ownership. Of course, using your iPhone in a Zipcar or Car2go can present its own unique set of challenges, and a lot of the more traditional car mounts take a lot more effort to use and aren’t exactly easy to carry around when you’re hopping between different cars. This is where solutions like Just Mobile’s Xtand Vent particularly shine. While the concept of an iPhone holder that clips onto an air vent isn’t a new one, Just Mobile’s implementation is one of the better designs we’ve seen.
Firstly, it’s small and light enough to be easily pocketable, so it won’t be one more thing you have to figure out how to carry when going to pick up a car. The firm rubberized grip can hold any smartphone up to 3.6” in width, so it can accommodate anything from an original iPhone to an iPhone 7 Plus — even encased in all but the most bulky cases. Unlike other air vent options we’ve seen, Xtand Vent not only clips onto your air vent, but incorporates an aluminum ball joint swivel so you can easily orient your iPhone to a convenient viewing angle, in portrait or landscape, and a tightening mechanism that ensures your iPhone will stay at the angle you position it.


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