Logitech has long been one of the main players in the portable keyboard market for iOS devices, and while each year a new slate of iPads brings a new slate of keyboards, sometimes it’s the company also makes noteworthy iterations on some of its classic products as well. Such is the case with Keys-To-Go, a portable Bluetooth keyboard that we reviewed four years ago that’s still going strong enough that Logitech not only continues to sell it, but recently added a new slate of colors, while still providing the same three-month battery life, tactile typing feel, and dust and spill protection.
Other than the color change, however, Keys-To-Go is basically the same portable Bluetooth keyboard as before, and the price hasn’t changed either, although it’s worth noting that Logitech has addressed one of our chief concerns by including an iPhone stand in the package, which we think is also a tacit admission by the company that Keys-To-Go is targeted more at users of iPhones (and other smartphones) rather than iPad users — and approach that we’d tend to agree with, especially now that we’re well into the era of “Plus-sized” iPhones. While it’s far from pocketable, Keys-To-Go will easily fit in a tote bag or purse, and it’s really one of the best options we’ve seen for users who want to be able to use a physical keyboard to type on their iPhone, with properly spaced keys that are reasonably comfortable to type on accurately, unlike many of the folding iPhone keyboards out there. Of course, as a Bluetooth keyboard you can also pair it with an iPad, Apple TV, or just about any other Bluetooth device, but we think it’s an especially great solution for iPhone users.