Initially announced in late 2014, Lynktec’s Reeljuice Power Bank ($100-$120) is now available for purchase. The battery pack most notably includes a built-in 4-foot retractable charging cable. It comes in two capacities — 5300 mAh for $100, or a larger 8000 mAh version for $120. Reeljuice supports pass-through charging at speeds up to 2.1A, allowing for full-speed charging of newer iPads. Though a micro-USB connector is attached to the built-in cable, a small Lightning adapter is also included — that Lightning adapter can be kept on the cable at all times, if so desired. Reeljuice has a detachable charging module with a built-in USB cable, as well. The bottom of the pack can be removed when not recharging to make the battery smaller. We also received a separate wall plug version of the charging module, but we don’t see that available on Lynktec’s site yet.
The capacity on Reeljuice is adequate, but certainly not a standout for the price. Also, the battery itself is a bit big and heavy, and we’ve seen more attractive options than Lynktec’s black plastic pack, for sure. There are two good reasons to get Reeljuice: the long 4-foot cord, and the ability to charge either Lightning or micro-USB devices. If you’ve been looking for a battery with those features, Reeljuice is worth a look.