If you’ve got more than one iPhone to charge in your household, you’ve probably discovered that cable management can sometimes be a challenge, and although the 2017 iPhone lineup aims to solve some of this with wireless charging, this doesn’t help you with iPads, older iPhones, or other USB-powered devices. This is where Native Union’s Eclipse comes in — it’s a three-port high-speed USB charger with a very unobtrusive, and some may even say elegant, design that looks much better on a coffee table than most USB charging hubs we’ve seen.
Measuring six inches in diameter, Eclipse is a bit larger we expected, but it also packs in three USB-A ports, with the third one offering an alternative USB-C port as well, and can provide charging power from all three USB-A ports at up to 2.4 amps, and up to 3 amps from the USB-C port for fast charging. What’s unique about Eclipse, however, is that it also provides integrated cable management that lets you coil up and tuck away your cables when they’re not in use. Double-tap on the top of Eclipse and the top raises up to reveal a spindle around which you can wrap your USB cables for storage. The actual USB power ports are located underneath the spindle, so you can plug your cables in and wrap the excess around the spindle. A gap allows the cables to protrude while Eclipse is closed, and a fabric top makes for a nice base that you can set your iPhone on while it’s charging.

Eclipse also includes a six-foot fabric-coated power cable with a leather strap to wrap up any excess length. The cable spindle is also wide enough to allow you to wrap up six-foot cables around each slot, allowing you to charge your devices farther away from Eclipse when you want to. An LED ring at the bottom also provides a halo illumination effect that can be turned on or off with a single tap on the top. The standard Eclipse is available in five different color and finish combinations — two wood grain and three fabric. A special edition is also available in black or white marble for $160. While Eclipse isn’t the simplest or smallest three-port USB charging hub we’ve seen, it’s definitely one of the best looking, and worth considering if you prefer a more discrete charger for your living room table.