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Nomad has been a prominent name early on in the world of Apple Watch accessories — we’ve already seen the company’s Stand for Apple’s smartwatch. The company also has a number of its own bands for Apple Watch, all falling under the simple name of Strap. Each edition of Strap costs $150, coming in Classic Tan, or the brand new color options, Amber Gray and Rustic Brown. (Amber Gray is currently only available for the 42mm Watch.) Strap comes with black or silver hardware to match the finish of an Apple Watch.
No matter the color, Strap appears to be a somewhat thick leather band with linen stitching. We received the all-new Rustic Brown version of Strap, which definitely gives us a different look compared to the Apple Sport band we typically use. Apple’s own Classic Buckle and Leather Loop bands are priced the same as Nomad’s Strap, so it all comes down to what you prefer. Nomad points out that its Strap is made from Italian calfskin leather, and is “minimally treated” to allow the band to develop its own character over time. We found distress marks will happen pretty much right away, especially when removing Strap — the band requires a strong pull for removal from one’s wrist, at least early on.