If you frequently find yourself hopping between Europe, North America, and elsewhere in the world, you’ll know what a hassle it can be to juggle all of the necessary bits and pieces to plug in wherever you happen to land. While Apple sells a nice collection of plugs in its world travel adapter kits, it’s just more stuff to carry around, or lose, or forget. This is where OneAdaptr’s Twist+ World Charging Station comes in — it’s a single adapter that connects onto your existing MacBook or iPad power adapter and gives you all of the power connections you’re likely to need.
With simple a twist of the central ring, you can pop out the appropriate plug for compatibility with the outlets in over 150 countries, and on top of that, Twist+ offers four USB ports that can put out a total of four amps (20 watts) of charging power so you can keep your iPhone, iPad, and other USB devices charging from the same outlet as your MacBook. Twist+ could very well be the only power adapter you’ll ever need to take with you.