PhoneSuit’s Journey ($80) All-In-One Charger is one of the nicer batteries we’ve seen lately. Journey combines an integrated Lightning cable, micro-USB cable, and AC wall adapter all into a svelte package with a 3500 mAh battery. The stylish matte black and blue charger also includes a micro-USB input and output at the bottom of the battery — up to three devices can be charged at once. PhoneSuit claims Journey has a 2.1A output and input (2.4A output when plugged in). An extra micro-USB cable comes with Journey, as well.
What we appreciate most about Journey is that it gives users so many ways to charge in a small pack. Journey is less than half an inch thick, and has a smaller footprint than an iPhone 6/6s. We’re particularly fond of batteries with built-in wall plugs, but Journey can be recharged via micro-USB cable, as well. This charger’s versatility makes it worth a top option, along with the trusted PhoneSuit name. (Ed. note: With standalone batteries becoming a known commodity in an oversaturated category — with very few true surprises revealed through testing — we’ve moved them into Gear. Certain battery innovations may prove worthy of full reviews, but most noteworthy battery releases will be featured here from now on.)