If you found a new iPhone under your tree this Christmas, or were simply able to take advantage of some nice post-Christmas shopping deals, the next thing on your list should be a good protective case, and if you’re looking for something durable that’s still stylish and won’t break the bank, PureGear has you covered with its new DualTek extreme shock case. Available in arctic white or matte black, it’s a rugged case that will keep you safe from most everyday fumbles, while still being lightweight and comfortable in the hand.

Made from shock-absorbing material, the DualTek case also includes inset materials to secure the iPhone in the case, and it’s certified to the usual military standards of drop protection. PureGear’s “AirTek suspension” keeps an air gap between the iPhone and the rear of the case that promises to provide additional protection in the event of a drop. DualTek also includes full and responsive button coverage on both sides, plus a nice ergonomic grip that will ensure you keep a solid hold on your iPhone.