Satechi’s new Multi-Port USB Charging Station ($30) stands out from many competing power stations by including USB type-C ports. To be exact, this power station has four “classic” USB type-A ports and two type-C ports. The compact 60W station includes a power switch and a total output of 12A, to ensure devices charge quickly. Multi-Port USB Charging Station comes in white or black.

Multi-Port USB Charging Station doesn’t have the catchiest name — or an eye-catching look — but it’s plenty useful. With a footprint not much larger than an iPhone SE, the station should be able to fit in most places, and portability won’t be an issue. If you’ve already got type-C devices to charge, the station is worth purchasing now. But even if you don’t, this is a charging station that will remain relevant for some time, as more devices transition to type-C in the future.