With just about everything charging from a USB port these days, juggling power adapters and free outlets can be a problem. While the idea of a wall outlet with built-in USB ports isn’t new, we do like SnapPower’s different approach to the problem with its SnapPower Charger. Instead of requiring that you replace your entire wall outlet — a more costly and complex process — SnapPower has designed a replacement wall outlet cover plate which houses a single USB port on the side, fitting over your existing electrical sockets.
SnapPower Charger is available in three color options as well as two different styles — white, light almond, and ivory colors and the traditional “Duplex” outlet style as well as a “Decor” style for more modern outlets — all of which should cover the vast majority of North American electrical outlet designs. Installation is ridiculously simple, requiring nothing more than unscrewing and removing your existing cover plate and then snapping the SnapPower Charger on in its place — there’s no wiring required at all as the SnapPower Charger simply uses two prongs to draw power from the screws, meaning just about anybody who can use a screwdriver should be able to pop a SnapPower Charger onto an existing outlet in about thirty seconds. The simple design also keeps the price affordable, with single SnapPower Chargers priced at $20, and multi-packs available that can bring the price down to as little as $16 per outlet cover — a great option if you want to equip your whole house.