STM’s Grace Deluxe Sleeve ($60) is a new laptop bag aimed at women — this is worth noting, as half the population is still mostly ignored when it comes to tech/gear bags. Grace Deluxe Sleeve comes in 13” or 15” versions, in four different color combinations. We received the blue and black Night Sky version — other color combos look to stand out a bit more. STM’s lightweight polyester bag is designed only to carry a laptop and “a few daily essentials,” as it has one soft lined pocket with a magnetized flap for a laptop, and a separate zippered pocket for other items.
Described as “part tote, part laptop bag,” Grace Deluxe Sleeve is a great option for professionals who need to tote their laptop without carrying around something bulky. Grace Deluxe Sleeve fit our 13” MacBook Air just right, and the front pocket should give you enough space for an iPhone, pens, and a few cables. And that’s it — this isn’t a bag made for long-term travel, but that’s not what it’s meant to be. Grace Deluxe Sleeve is an attractive, reasonably priced daily laptop bag for women.