Ten One Design’s Timeframe is an interesting new product for Apple Watch — though its description may be a bit misleading, it’s actually quite clever. The Timeframe box reads, “Charging cover for Apple Watch,” and while some may think of a cover that can charge an Apple Watch as it’s being worn, it’s better to think of Timeframe as a substitute for a more traditional Apple Watch dock. Coming in 38mm and 42mm sizes, Timeframe is basically a rubber sleeve that holds an Apple Watch as it charges. The back part of Timeframe holds the Apple Watch charging connector, and when an Apple Watch is slid into the sleeve, it can be charged lying flat or upright, in Nightstand mode.
Timeframe is small and light, but it has a few notable design touches. A back cover is removed to accommodate the charging cable, which can be routed to the left or right side. An Apple Watch can be easily inserted for quick charging, and removed just as simply, but Ten One Design has also included a small blue “ejection handle” that can be used to push the Apple Watch out of the sleeve. Timeframe also offers more protection than a basic dock — it surrounds the watch with tough rubber — which may be a bonus for some users. While Timeframe doesn’t offer the same “centerpiece” appeal as a traditional dock, some users aren’t concerned with that. At the very least, Timeframe is a nice option for travelers, as it can protect an Apple Watch during storage (if you don’t wear it everywhere), and it serves as a portable dock, too.