Although we normally shy away from writing about cases, films, and stickers for the iPhone — they’re usually just very generic, offer almost zero protection, and entirely a subjective matter of taste. However, the aesthetic and craftsmanship of Toast’s wooden covers for the iPhone has piqued our interest since we first saw them at CES a few years ago, so we felt this one is worth a closer look. While there’s a certain irony in taking a shiny high-tech device like an iPhone — especially this year’s glass-backed iPhones — and covering them in a more vintage wooden look, it’s an idea that we think has a certain appeal. It’s more about style than protection, of course, but it’s a refreshingly unique style.
Toast isn’t just your average decorative iPhone sticker. This isn’t simply a plastic sticker with a faux wooden pattern on it, rather the company makes each cover out of real, natural wood, handcrafted in the company’s shop in Portland, Oregon. The origami-esque covers are laser cut for precision so they fit each iPhone like a glove, wrapping around the edges and including covers for the side buttons and even the SIM card tray. The covers are available in homegrown walnut, ash, and ebony and can be purchased as the back cover only or with the inclusion of matching front frame. Toast can also customize the cover with a laser-engraved design or text for an additional $5–$10. Needless to say, natural wood also won’t interfere with wireless charging on the new iPhone models. Of course, Toast doesn’t offer any real protection for your iPhone — we doubt it would withstand a drop much better than a bare iPhone, but at the same time the wood finish provides a much better grip compared to the iPhone’s aluminum and glass design, and the wood grain actually provides a really different tactile and warm feel that’s a refreshing change from the typical TPU cases that we see so many of.