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Although we’d like to imagine a world where the iPad is the only device you need to carry around, the reality is that a lot of busy professionals on the go still need to make room for notebooks, pens, other papers, business cards, and more. This is where Australian premium case company Toffee comes in with its new Toffee Folio. It’s a classic yet elegant folio design inspired by the venerable executive folio design of the 90’s, updated to take modern technology into account, with room for even a full-sized 12.9-inch iPad Pro along with dedicated pockets for your iPhone and Lightning cables too, in addition of course to the more typical card and pen holders.

While Toffee Folio doesn’t come cheap, the premium leather design easily justifies the price, with handcrafted genuine leather and gun-metal black zips with leather zip pulls, and Toffee’s three-year warranty behind it. Whether you’re a designer or a stock broker, Toffee’s Folio is worth a look if you’re always on the go between meetings; it will keep you organized in a way and ready to go in a way that you just can’t get from a messenger bag or backpack.