We know how handy it is to have at least one extra-long Lightning cable around, and ToughTested’s 8’ Pro Armor Weave Cable ($28) definitely fits the bill. ToughTested has included a five-year warranty with the MFi-certified cable. Pro Armor Weave is 2.4A rated, and ToughTested has done its best to make the cable durable. The cable is covered with a woven polymer jacket, and both ends have aluminum tips.
ToughTested claims the cable has strain relief, and as pictured, the reinforced ends can also bend slightly to adjust to different angles. Pro Armor Weave certainly feels like a tough cable, and it even comes with a useful cord manager to help condense the cable’s length when not all of it is necessary. We understand some may be reluctant to purchase a non-Apple Lightning cable, but MFi certification and a strong warranty should alleviate those fears. The 8-foot Pro Armor Weave comes at a great price, as well.