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Once upon a time, charging a MacBook and an iPhone was enough for most people, but with the advent of AirPods, and Apple Watches, and iPads, and Apple Pencils, one USB port often just doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s why Twelve South has released PlugBug Duo — an updated version of its 2014 PlugBug World travel adapter kit that doubles the number of USB ports of the previous model, providing two USB-A ports that can delivered a combined 12 watts of power for charging any standard USB device while you’re also charging up your MacBook.
Just like previous models, PlugBug Duo piggybacks onto your standard Apple MacBook or iPad power adapter in the same place where the normal plug connector would go, and with the two USB ports this means that you’re basically charging up to three devices at once — plug in your iPhone and AirPods to charge while your iPad is charging, or charge your iPad and Apple Pencil alongside your MacBook Pro. PlugBug Duo also includes the same set of five plug adapters as PlugBug World, so it will adapter your MacBook or iPad to charge in over 150 countries without having to buy Apple’s World Travel Adapter Kit, making PlugBug Duo an especially great deal for world travellers.