Acrylic Software Pulp

Ever used Acrylic Software’s Times reader app? Well, the name’s changed—now it’s called Pulp ($20). There’s no shortage of newsreaders these days, but Pulp is definitely one of the prettiest and has a bunch of killer features, particularly standing out on the Mac. Think of it like a totally customizable newspaper that actually looks like a newspaper.

You set up the sections that you like—technology, news, food—and then add in any sources you want. Don’t worry about knowing the RSS address or anything like that though; Pulp automatically searches for and pulls in all the relevant information after you type in the name of the site. New to this version is the Magic Reader feature. If one of your feeds only displays short text previews, just click a button and you’ll see the whole story without having to go to the browser. This Mac app syncs with the iPad edition so you can keep all your pages, feeds, and saved articles in sync. Pulp has a $10 introductory price, so pick it up before it goes up.

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