Advenio MacGourmet

At this point, a computer has become as indispensable in the kitchen as a sharp knife—who wants to use paper cookbooks when the world of recipes is available digitally? Since there’s no shortage of cooking apps in the Mac App Store, it means something when we say that MacGourmet ($25) is amongst the best. Think of it as iTunes for recipes.

Naturally, MacGourmet displays recipes in a few really easy to read formats, including a very cool full screen Chef View—great for navigating when your hands are covered in food. You can manually add your recipes, or just drag and drop the URLs from over 50 cooking websites right into the application window and they’ll automatically be added. On top of that, MacGourmet can create shopping lists from your recipes. There are even Smart Lists that help you track your recipes in different categories. For cooking on the go, iPhone and iPad apps are available to sync up with the desktop version. Cooks looking for something more than just occasional recipe lookups will like what Advenio has brought to the table.

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