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With macOS Mojave hitting the streets late last month, AgileBits has jumped over to the dark side with 1Password 7.2. The new version looks particularly classy in Mojave’s new Dark Mode, with fonts and colourful icons that stand out nicely against the dark background, but it’s also got some additional Mojave support under the hood, including a built-in Safari extension that provides greater security while also saving users the trouble of having to install it as a separate component.

What this means is that users get more protections against exploits like “man-in-the-middle” attacks, since the browser extension is now more closely tied to the main 1Password app, which is now also “fully notarized” by Apple, which means it’s certified of being free of malware, and also now runs within Mojave’s new hardened security mode that ensures it can’t be manipulated or modified by other apps or processes running on your Mac — an important consideration for an app that you should be able to trust with all of your most important and secure passwords. While new security model in Mojave does mean that 1Password will no longer be able to autosubmit login information — essentially pressing the “Return” key for you after filling passwords in Safari — the 1Password developers agree with Apple that it’s the right call both for both security and for improving the user experience overall. As with prior versions, 1Password 7.2 is available as a free download to everybody with a 1Password membership or those who own a standalone 1Password 7 license, and can be downloaded directly from AgileBits or via the Mac App Store.